xaq (atomizerzz11) wrote,

more than a week

i just gave two weeks notice to my district manager. he said he didn,t want to lose me but if i wasn't happy then i should definatly stop working. i'll be glad to be out of there soon, all the fun i used to have there has long since gone. i plan to continue shooting video and barbacking for extra cash, and i'll probably get a part time job somewhere. i'm thinking about a fish store, however, i'm doubtfull they would hire me. perhaps we'll see.
speaking of fish, my shark died last night somewhere around 8pm. i'd had it for several years now, and understood that maybe it just got tired of my tank. if i was a shark i would totally go to the giant puddle in the sky! screw 55 gallons! i'm goin' to shark heaven buddy!
the'll feed me better up there, as well as not force me to live with little rat basterd tetras that annoy me to death you punk!
so , i understand it's willingness to die. melissa called him sharko...
maybe getting an eel isn't such a bad idea after all.
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