xaq (atomizerzz11) wrote,

one drink

since i was sixteen i have believed that the full moon effects peaple deeply. most of the peaple i know don't think this is true. i just see wierdness happening all the time during a full moon. tonight i went cheers to meet up with loc. as i was entering i noticed my ex-girfriends car. no biggie, we're cool. i get inside and take care of loc. i walk to the bar to order a single drink for apperances, pretending not to notice her there. as i get to the bar, the girfriend of bryan, the guy my ex was sleeping with, says hi and wants to talk about my shirt, and what i'm doing. then brayn comes over to say hi. then wendy comes over to say hi. then i notice molly is tending bar along with the owners daughter erin. well what a crowd. i get a beer, and am trying to finish it fast so i can leave. the situation is a little ridiculas to me. erin decides that even though she has a boyfriend she wants to flirt with me.i just want to leave, though i don't wish to be rude. wendy does leave. cool, and sad. bryan wants to play pool again. no. it's not gonna happin my friend. i comment on his ring, which was on wendy's finger a year ago. he gets it. we're both polite, however i don't want to be his friend right now. maybe never.
molly says hey and i'm polite. she leaves.
ultimatly i've no one but myself to thank for this situation other than myself.
zack, here's to you for creating silly situations with peaple! i may have stayed for a while, but tomarrow i am spending time with mel at her mom's house so i don't want to be too hung over.
i'll drink at the house for a while and then go to sleep.... hopefully.

p.s. i am so lame for being the one with a problem.
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