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i was responsable for convincing one of my employees to put in his two week notice before i myself quit. i did. it was either that or he would lose his job anyway. i just gave him the choice to make. oh well it will be good for him, as he will have plenty of time to pursue the job i set up for him previously. he needs to expand his horizons as it is. i hope that dosn't sound like i'm trying to convince myself because....whatever.
i got a dope ass fish tank from matt today. i look forward to filling it with some dope ass creatures. i feel like he should have kept it and baought a new pet or something, however, i can totally understand not wanting any pets at all. ahem... like ferrets...or whatever.
i'm very happy when i get up in the morning. my roomate always says "why the hell are you so happy" my answer is always "why are you not" i just can't help but feel like i've done a pretty fine job with my life to this point. i feel that way because of the way that poeple respond to me on a daily basis. both those i know and those i don't. if i was a dick, i'd get terrible reactions from everyone. i rarely ever do and to me that says alot about my character and disposition. think about the person in your life that complains the most. what do they complain about? got to go
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